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About Michael Bass

Michael Bass is the founder and CEO of Insain Solutions, Inc. He created the company to help provide people, like yourself, the information and tools they need to get started in internet marketing the right way. He strives to share his knowledge with you so that you can build the absolute best life possible.

Michael's Life As An Entrepreneur

Michael Bass has been involved with internet marketing for several years and has seen his fair share of the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur. Michael was born into an entrepreneurial family and grew up watching his father and grandfather running their own businesses. He could tell that being an entrepreneur was something that he wanted to be as well. However he wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was that he was going to do. He just knew that working for someone else just wasn’t what he was meant to do.

He got his first taste of being an entrepreneur when he was presented the opportunity to own a pizza restaurant. He had previously worked in a pizza restaurant for some time while he was in high school and knew a great deal about the business. So he figured he could make it work and invested everything he had into that business.

Things started out great however he soon started to realize that he didn’t know quite as much as he thought he did. The restaurant business is a really tough industry and it was becoming evident that his business was starting to show problems. Michael didn’t realize that there was so much that one needs to know about running a restaurant and began to try to correct the issues. However it wasn’t long before he had to admit defeat and shut down his business.

He was devastated because he put everything he had on the line for that business. He did everything he could to try to keep it going but there was nothing else he could do. Not only was Michael distraught for having to close his business, he now faced filing bankruptcy. He felt disgraced and like a failure but then a friend told him something that he needed to hear. His friend told him that it was ok and that he could rebuild what he lost.

Michael returned to the workforce but was determined to find the right business model to build off of. As time went by Michael began to build a carpentry business on the side of working his normal hours at his job. He started to build up some steady clients and was trying to expand when all of a sudden in 2015, something terrible happened. Michael injured his right knee and was unable to help his clients. His business had not grown big enough to sustain paying someone else to do the work and so again his business was lost.

But this time Michael was not going to give up so easily. He knew that he couldn’t continue doing his contracting business but that wasn’t going to stop him from creating something great. As Michael was going through therapy for his knee he started looking for other options. That is when he stumbled upon Internet Marketing. Yes he typed that world famous phrase into Google, “How to make money online.” This began his journey into internet marketing.

``You will achieve greatness when you become worthy of that greatness. When life knocks you down, Get back up and know YOU ARE WORTHY of it.``

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The Journey Begins...

Michael started out with a blogging program but soon started to realize how out dated the training was. Every time he would get confused about something it would take weeks to get an answer from the company that he was being trained by. So he decided to look at some other options and back to the relentless search he went. Then he came across a program that offered updated trainings and even mentorship programs. This program was teaching Affiliate Marketing. Michael invested into the company and began consuming all the information he could get his hands on. Then he started implementing what he had learned but he was still struggling to make money. He made a few sales here and there but it wasn’t huge amounts and it wasn’t enough to pay the bills. He decided to go to a mastermind event in order to talk to others and find out what it was that he was doing wrong.

During the mastermind, he was able to talk with the owner of the company and get some mentoring from him. Then he returned home and started to implement what he was told. Within a month Michael’s results had started to change. He started seeing high dollar commissions coming in and then he received his first major pay out. He was delirious with this new found success but he started spending the money instead of reinvesting it. It wasn’t long before Michael was spending the money faster than he could earn it and soon all the money was gone.

A Hard Lesson Learned...

It’s not how much money you make but how much you keep and if you don’t reinvest then you will soon find yourself right back where you started. Michael learned this lesson the hard way. Now that didn’t stop Michael, he had finally learned how to make this online business work and so he got back to it.

Bass, Michael

Affiliate Marketing Expert

Michael has been working in the internet marketing industry for several years now and has gained some pretty amazing mentors over the years. He has been personally mentored by Matt Lloyd, Shaqir Hussyin, Chris Record, Vick Strizheus, Forbes Riley, and many others. He has learned some very valuable skills and knowledge. During his travels, Michael has met a lot of really great people and enjoys meeting new people every day. Michael has traveled to some really awesome places and seen breathtaking sights. He is truly honored to share his knowledge with anyone that wants to change their life for the better and absolutely grateful to his customers for providing him the means to live this amazing life.

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