Michael Bass

Michael Bass

My name is Michael Bass.

I grew up in an Entrepreneurial Family. I discovered at an early age that, like many of my family members, I had a desire to be an entrepreneur. Some of the most influential people in my life were my Father and Grandfather. They were both entrepreneurs and created successful businesses.

My First Business

My very first actual business was a restaurant. Since I had some knowledge of the business I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately I discovered that it really wasn’t the industry that I really wanted to be in. Like all entrepreneurs that was my first failure but I wasn’t going to give up. I was determined to find the business that was right for me.

Back to the JOB (Just Over Broke)

I returned to the workforce and continued to work on building a successful business while I had a JOB. Everything was going well until I got injured. I injured my knee and that put me in a situation to where I had to find something that no matter what happened or where I was, I could still make an income. This is when I discovered that I could make money online.

How hard could it be?

Knowing that I have always had a knack for computers, I figured I could make it work. I went full in, head over heals, into the Internet Marketing world and fell for the “Make Money with a few clicks” cliche. I just want to be be honest and tell you that there is a lot of work that you have to do to be successful online. Not to mention all the stuff you have to learn. But I kept at it and finally the pieces started to fall together.

Michael Bass

Success at Last

I have found success online and have made money in the industry. Insain Solutions, Inc. was created by me to give you somewhere to get all the information you need to learn how to create an income online and build a successful business. Let me teach you the right way to do things so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I made when I first got into all this. Working online really is enjoyable and I love the fact that no matter where I am in the world, I can pull out my phone or laptop and work on my business.

Michael Bass accepting check from Matt Lloyd for commissions earned.

You have to put in the work if your going to make anything worth while. Let me help you to build that life you desire and dream about. I have had many failures on my journey as an entrepreneur and have learned many new skills along the way. That is what makes being an entrepreneur such a challenge. You have to have failure to find success. Do you have what it takes to live the life you desire and deserve?

Are you interested in changing your life and living your dreams? If so then I highly recommend you take advantage of this amazing offer and get started today. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Click Here to start down the path to living the life that you desire and deserve!
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